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“I am very disappointed with my experience with the company at Wayfair,” Ms Hodge said.

“It is the worst week of my life and I am calling on them to take this seriously and to investigate.”

Wayfair spokeswoman Sarah White said the company was looking into the matter.

“Wayfair is a global company that provides high-quality customer service,” she said.

Ms Hodge’s experience has sparked an outcry among customers and her employer, with the union of UK workers saying it was an “extraordinary betrayal” of their rights.

“I am a British citizen who has worked for Wayfair for over 12 years and I do not know how someone can make such an allegation about a company that I worked so hard for,” Ms White said.

Ms Hoex, who had worked at the company for four years, said she was working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in an effort to get the company to apologise.

Wayfair has not responded to the ABC’s request for comment.

A Wayfair spokesman said: “Wayland has been in regular contact with us in the past week and we are working closely with the ABC and the union to support our staff in the wake of this report.”

Wayland will continue to provide our best service to our customers and customers will have the confidence of our team.

“We will be addressing this matter with Wayfair management.”

Ms Hoey’s union says it will not be complacent about the allegations.

She said she did not believe the company had “given the proper notice” to complain about the situation.

It is understood Ms Hoyle has been given three months’ notice of her rights being taken away and the possibility of being sacked, but Ms Hogue believes her case will not stand.

Her boss, Michael O’Connell, said: “The company has apologised and it has said it is working with our staff to ensure our workers are safe and secure in their jobs.”

If we do not receive a formal response, we will take our case to the ACCC, and if that is unsuccessful, we could make a formal complaint to the Federal Court.

“Topics:work,workers,law-crime-and-justice,workers’ rights,customs-administration,workers-andwomen,government-and.parliament,law—state-issues,community-and,employment,federal—state,melbourne-3000,vic source Rte title ‘Unacceptable’: Woman who worked for company for six years says she was fired after she complained article A woman who worked at a Sydney hotel for six decades says she has been sacked after she made a complaint about a sexist incident.

Tristan Hoyle told the ABC he was fired by the hotel chain because she alleged a supervisor made sexist comments towards her.

He said he did not think he was being treated unfairly.

Mr Hoyle said his experience with Wayland in Melbourne was not exceptional, but said he had received numerous negative feedback from workers about working at the hotel.

We were not happy with the way we were treated and the way it was communicated,” he said.”

I just wanted to get on with my life, not be treated like a second class citizen.”

Mr Hoyles complaints about inappropriate behaviour from a male supervisor led to a complaint being lodged with the ACCCC.

In a statement to the agency, Wayland said: