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Nordstrom is taking a proactive step to help shoppers navigate the world of high-fashion.

The retailer announced Monday that it will start offering a new online store with a focus on bringing you the best products from its namesake brands.

The new store will have a curated, personalized look and feel.

It will have everything from clothing and accessories to shoes and accessories.

The company said it will also introduce a new digital store that will offer an array of brands and curated experiences.

The first store will open to customers on Jan. 14, and the second store will be open in February.

The store will feature items like the original Nikes sneakers, as well as more fashion-forward pieces, like the men’s Vans jacket and men’s Levi’s jeans.

“We believe that we have one of the largest collections of quality brands in the world,” said Kristin Nordstrom, the company’s CEO.

“And we know that it’s important to be able to bring customers the best, and best curated, best-designed products at the best prices.”

Nordstrom’s digital store will also include more than 1,000 products and features, including items like leather accessories, accessories and men and women’s clothes, accessories, shoes, accessories.

Customers will be able see the collections in real time on the brand’s website, and they will be offered a chance to win a trip to a New York Fashion Week show with Nordstroms exclusive men’s shoes and a chance for free merchandise with each purchase.

“In an age of endless digital content and endless choices, it’s refreshing to see a company that is truly dedicated to providing you the most authentic, best experience possible,” said Macy’s CEO Peter Conrad.

“With the new online shopping experience, Nordstrom has created a truly engaging and fun experience that will help you navigate the entire range of our products.”

The company also announced that it plans to invest $150 million over the next five years to expand its retail presence in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The investment comes at a time when the retail industry is facing a global recession, and many shoppers are feeling the pinch.

Last month, Macy’s reported that online sales in the U.S. fell 7.2 percent from a year ago, according to a report from research firm eMarketer.

Nordstrom CEO Kristin said the new store is part of a larger strategy to expand into Asian markets and help consumers find products they need.

“This is an investment in the future of the brand, and that future is going to be very positive,” she said.

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