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If you have bought an Android phone or tablet, chances are you have a Samsung device in the back of your bag.

And with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge being announced today, that list is getting bigger.

With the launch of the S7, Samsung is giving everyone in the world a chance to get a glimpse at its latest flagship.

But as it stands, the company is offering a much less compelling choice for those who want a premium device with a slightly better camera.

Samsung is offering the S6 or S6 edge with a $400 premium, and for $300 more, it’s also offering the Galaxy Note5 with a Samsung processor.

I’m not going to say the S5 Edge is better than the S3 Edge or the Note 5, but it’s not a flagship-level device.

I’m just saying the S4, S5 and S5 Plus are not the best smartphones on the market.

I would buy a phone for $600 or less if I wanted one, and I wouldn’t be happy if I bought a phone that cost $800.

The Galaxy S5 is a fantastic phone, and Samsung is trying to make up for the lackluster Galaxy S4.

The S5 doesn’t come with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, but Samsung says it’s capable of doing much more.

It’s not the fastest phone in the Galaxy lineup, but its 4.5GHz dual-core processor is the most powerful on the Galaxy line, and the S-Pen stylus is pretty good.

The S5 has an 8-megapixel rear camera, and it’s a bit bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, which is more than enough for a typical selfie.

The front camera is a 1.4-megapixels sensor, but the S9 doesn’t have the new FaceTime camera, which takes selfies with much greater clarity.

Samsung also didn’t include a rear-facing flash, which means the S8 and S9 don’t have one.

While it has the same camera as the iPhone 7, the S10 doesn’t offer a front-facing camera.

The camera is also a bit slower than the Galaxy 8 and Galaxy S9, but you get the same 8MP sensor.

The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor, which comes with up to 64GB of RAM, but there’s no fingerprint sensor.

The device also lacks a headphone jack, and its SIM card is only 8GB.

The battery is a 2,000mAh battery, but if you’re going to buy a Galaxy phone, the phone should have a better battery life than the phone listed here.

Samsung is promising up to four hours of battery life, which will likely be enough for most users, but that isn’t a good thing.

The S7 comes with an 8GB of internal storage, which Samsung says will allow it to support more than 3,000 photos.

However, the storage is limited to 256GB and 128GB, which can’t really be considered enough for daily use.

The phone is also not compatible with Android Pay.

The back of the phone is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, which should be durable enough for long-term use.

Despite being a Samsung phone, you won’t get a fingerprint scanner on the back, but some users have reported that they do get a tap to unlock.

If you’re not a fan of fingerprint scanners, you can always use a fingerprint reader on the front.

Samsung has promised a 4.3mm headphone jack on the S phone, but for now, that’s not available.

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