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The NFL has been under fire for not doing enough to protect its players against racial harassment, with many fans and pundits accusing the league of failing to protect the integrity of its game.

Now, the league has released its most comprehensive and comprehensive report ever on racial harassment and racial inequality, and it’s a clear and damning indictment of the NFL’s handling of issues related to the issue.

The report includes data from hundreds of investigations, interviews with more than 1,200 former and current players, and more than 60 players and employees.

The report, released on Monday, details how some of the most egregious incidents of racial harassment have been addressed by the league and how it’s been working to make its game safer for players and fans alike.

In one of the first and most comprehensive studies of its kind, the report details the extent to which players are harassed on the field, how they report harassment and the ways in which the league is working to combat the issue, including by implementing an all-white police force.

The league is also taking steps to make sure that players, fans and others who encounter harassment are protected.

The league’s anti-harassment program has increased in both number and complexity since its initial announcement, with more training and education on the issue for every player and team.

The new report also addresses how the league’s policies are being enforced.

As part of the league-wide initiative, the NFL is implementing a program called the NFL Integrity Initiative, which requires players, coaches and team officials to disclose their conduct to law enforcement, as well as the league if they face any type of complaint.

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