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I think I can answer this question in one sentence.

I would love to be the first black player to wear a Seahawks jersey.

I’d love to wear the purple and gold with a team crest.

I would love the opportunity to be part of a team that was built for my generation.

As an athlete, I would like to play in front of the best fans in the NFL.

You’d also love to play on a team where every player on the field is treated like a member of the team and treated as a human being.

My dream would be to have my name attached to a team in the NFC championship game, and to have a Super Bowl ring.

It’d be so nice to have the opportunity, not just as a fan, but as an athlete.

I can see myself playing in the National Football League for many years to come.

Now, it’s your turn.

Do you want to play football?

What would you want your team to wear?