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If you’re a Comcast customer who wants to know what their most common customer service question is, the answer is probably not “I need to cancel my contract” or “I’m not happy with the service.”

But that’s not a problem because Comcast customer service is one of the best things about the company, according to the company’s newest CEO, Kevin Harrington.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Pro, Harrington said that his company’s customers love its customer service because it’s the kind of service you want when you’re in a tough situation.

“It’s very important to us, especially in a time like this, to be as honest as possible and be able to give people what they need to do their jobs and to feel safe,” he said.

“Comcast customers are the most trusting people on the planet,” he continued.

“And they want to be able give you the best customer service.”

The question of which customer service service line to call has been a recurring topic of conversation for years.

As consumers increasingly use smartphones and tablets to connect with their providers, and as tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook have rolled out more and more advanced solutions to deliver high-speed internet to their customers, customer service has been increasingly a critical part of their lives.

In fact, the number of times Comcast has been cited for poor customer service in recent years is staggering.

According to data from data analytics firm comScore, in 2016, the company received 2,066,834 complaints from customers who received a negative response from Comcast customer support.

That was the highest number of complaints per day for Comcast in 2016 and nearly double the number it received in 2013, the year after the company introduced its broadband and cable broadband service.

And the problem is getting worse.

Comcast customer service received 2.4 million complaints in 2017, which is more complaints per capita than any other cable or broadband provider, according the company.

Comcast was cited for 2,000 of those complaints.

Compton has been criticized for its aggressive push for broadband, and its customer complaints numbers have skyrocketed since Comcast began offering broadband in 2018.

In February of this year, the Internet Association reported that the number had surpassed 4 million complaints and was the most complaints issued by Comcast since 2015.

In July, Comcast was found to have been providing customers with bad service by sending out a fake letter that purported to be from a consumer service representative and sent to thousands of Comcast customers.

The letter also included a fake signature.

Comison, which was a merger partner with Comcast that merged with the company in 2021, had a similar issue in 2016.

The merger company said that over 300,000 complaints had been received from customers.

Comixa, which merged with Comcast in 2021 and has the ability to send complaints, reported that Comcast had sent out more than 20,000 fake emails and sent emails to over 10,000 customers.

Comcast has also received complaints about its customer support team and customer support representatives.

While there’s no question that Comcast’s customer service issues are a serious concern, the fact that it is able to garner the attention of consumers like this despite the fact it’s one of America’s most notorious broadband providers is quite remarkable.

The fact that Comcast is able that much attention from consumers with its aggressive and aggressive service is astounding.

As a company that’s been on a journey to be a major player in the world of broadband, Comcast has a unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy for its legacy by continuing to deliver the best service to its customers.

While Comcast’s recent troubles may seem like a setback, the news is not all bad for Comcast.

As of this writing, Comcast is the fourth largest cable and broadband provider in the US, according a recent survey from ComScore.

The company is also the second largest internet provider in New York state, and it has been one of a handful of cable companies that offer broadband to the largest portion of its customers in the city.

“We’re very pleased to see Comcast being the number one cable company in New Jersey,” said Tim Hildebrand, executive director of the New York City Cable and Internet Coalition, in a statement.

“The New York market has been waiting for broadband for years and now it finally gets a chance to get it.”

Hildebrand added that he’s very hopeful that Comcast will see its next major move of a broadband acquisition.

Comcast currently has about 30 million broadband subscribers and it recently acquired Charter Communications for $45 billion.

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