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We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at a customs checkpoint in the US, and the experience was pretty great.

 We’re not exactly sure why we chose this particular checkpoint, but the checkpoint itself was pretty impressive.

We stopped at the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checkpoint for an unannounced inspection and then took off for the beach.

The checkpoint was situated in a huge warehouse area, and had a pretty good view of the ocean.

It’s not really clear if it’s meant to be a beach, but we did find a nice spot to sit down and enjoy the view.

While we were at the customs checkpoint, the staff at the front desk started telling us what the Customs border patrol agents were up to.

Apparently they had an incident with a guy from the US that was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

They asked us to come along and give them a call and see what we could do.

After that, the agent showed us a couple of pictures of what was happening and told us that they wanted to interview him.

Then, we were led into a room and told to wait outside for an hour while they searched him.

I’m not really sure why they did that, but it certainly made us nervous.

During the entire process, they didn’t actually search me, so we were pretty surprised.

When we got back to our hotel room, we sat in our bed for a while, waiting for the agents to finish their search. 

The agent at the counter said that there were about 5-10 officers and one man that they needed to talk to.

He explained that there was a problem with a man on a boat and that he needed to go and see the man in question.

There were several questions about his passport, but they didn`t really give any information about what the man was on the boat for. 

The agent then asked us if we knew where we were going, and we told him that we were heading to the Bahamas, but that it was really important to get to the US.

In all, there were two people who needed to speak with us.

The first one was the agent who had asked us about the incident, but there was no other information.

The second one was a man who was on board the boat that had been confiscated.

He had a picture of the man and his passport.

At the end of the day, it was all good, but not a lot of information about the man.

For more information on the American Customs and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Border Patrol agents in Florida, visit this link.