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A new report from a leading consumer advocacy group suggests that the number of service companies in trouble has skyrocketed in recent years.

The report, from the National Consumer Law Center, says that the top three companies are: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. 

The top five include: Verizon:  8.1% AT&amp:      6.5%T-Mobile:              3.5%, and Sprint: 3.2%Source: National Consumer Lobbying & Public Policy Institute, January 27, 2018, NCLC/National Consumer LawCenter, “Top Ten Companies in Trouble and How to Fix Them,” PDF, 6.7MBThe top three are Verizon, T-Mo, and Sprint.

The third, T.

Mobile, is a small company. 

In 2015, TMO was the worst performing of the four major wireless carriers.

It fell behind AT&amps and Sprint in the year-over-year performance of its 3G and 4G networks, but its performance was worse than the performance of all other wireless carriers combined.

TMO also fell behind Verizon and AT&ltms 3G networks by more than two-to-one.

The top ten companies in terms of customer service are all part of a large industry of smaller, more niche companies.

They are, for example, the largest cell phone service providers in the country.

They have a market share of around 50 percent, and they provide just under 40 percent of the overall U.S. market for cell phone services.

But they also have a lot of customers.

T-Mobiles customers make up roughly 40 percent, while Verizon and TMO customers make over 30 percent of overall cell phone traffic.

T-Mobility customers, for their part, make up about half of the U.s. wireless customer base.

They make up the largest wireless customer in the United States. 

T-Mo is a different story.

It is a relatively new service provider.

It has a market size of less than 5 percent of all U. of S. wireless customers, and it is one of the smallest companies in the entire industry. 

Its network coverage is extremely limited. 

But it has also done something unusual for a service provider: it has not expanded its network in the U

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