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In the U.S., grocery stores and supermarkets have been shuttered in the wake of the devastating tornado, which struck the Texas city of Houston in early October.

Many stores closed for weeks, and even a couple that reopened said they were unable to get any supplies from their suppliers.

The Houston Chronicle reported in October that Houston has been hit by a total of 14 tornadoes since the start of the year, including four that killed more than 50 people and destroyed more than 400 buildings.

Now, some stores are open for business again.

In fact, at least three grocery stores in the Houston area are open again, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Some of the stores have been open for over a week, the Chronicle reports, while others have only been open a couple of days.

Some stores still don’t have their usual supplies.

But other grocery stores have had to scramble to find them, The Washington Post reports.

Here are some of the grocery stores that have reopened.

New Orleans: In a move that has become more common after the tornado, many of the city’s stores have reopened and reopened, The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported in early November.

In addition, stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Trader Joe Supply are open and have had a lot of customers since they reopened.

The supermarket chain, however, still says they can’t sell any food that was on the shelves when the tornado struck.