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As it did for many people who had previously complained about the service, Comcast now claims that customers who had already received the update are not eligible for it.

It has also provided the details on how to get your new modem and software.

The first-generation modem can be installed in a box for $150 and is limited to 10 gigabytes of data, which will be enough for about one hour of streaming video.

The second-generation version, which can support up to 100 gigabytes, will cost $200 and will support up the full 24 hours.

Both are available from Comcast’s website, but there’s no way to tell which is the better deal, as neither offer has been tested.

The company also offers a free upgrade to its unlimited-speed internet service, which allows customers to connect to more than 100 gigabits per second, as well as two new internet speeds for $50 a month.

If you have an old modem or modem card, the company has an online service that can be activated for a fee.

That’s not as easy as installing a new one or purchasing a new card.

Comcast says that it will send out a message to customers who have already received it to let them know the upgrade is available, but it doesn’t seem to have done so yet.