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Frontier customer services have shut down for maintenance due to an ongoing ransomware attack.

The company said that the issue was identified as the result of a new ransomware update, which affected Frontier customers on all three of its mobile devices.

The Frontier team had been working on a software update, but the attack affected all of Frontier’s mobile customers, and Frontier had no way to stop it from affecting customers.

The team was able to recover the affected machines through the use of a remote exploit, Frontier said in a blog post.

It was not immediately clear what the impact would be on Frontier’s network or the number of affected customers. 

The Frontier incident has a number of implications, including for the companies ability to recover data from infected machines. 

As part of its plan to make sure the company can continue to service its customers, the company announced it would stop supporting all of its cloud-based services and migrate customers to its legacy web-based service, which is still available.

Frontier said that it would offer a refund for affected customers in the event of the malware reemerging, which could be within 24 hours.