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When it came to customer services, Ottawa had plenty of cash and enough customers to take care of itself.

In fact, Ottawa has so many it’s almost too big.

The city’s $1.3 billion population of about 6 million has more people than the population of Vancouver and Mississauga combined.

In 2012, Ottawa ranked as the third most expensive city in Canada for its population, behind only Toronto and Calgary.

But it was a city that had more than a million people and more than 100,000 businesses.

In an article in The Globe and Mail in January, Rob Nicholson, the city’s director of infrastructure, said that Ottawa’s $3 billion budget would allow it to pay for its staff salaries, but the city will still need to hire more workers in order to keep up with the population growth.

Nicholson said he expected Ottawa to grow by 20 per cent in the next three years.

He said that the city has a long way to go to meet the needs of its citizens, including a growing population of older people, who will be a big part of the city going forward.

Nicholson was responding to a question from the reporter asking whether the city could meet its goal of having a population of 10 million by 2026.

The City of Ottawa did not respond to requests for comment on Nicholson’s comments.

The number of businesses in the city is expected to increase, but not by as much as Nicholson would have hoped.

Nicholson has repeatedly said the city can’t meet its goals if it can’t hire more staff.

But Nicholson is not alone in his belief that the job market is strong.

“The question is whether the jobs can be created.

We have a very good job market right now.

It is one of the best in the country,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson’s assertion that Ottawa can’t handle its growth because of its lack of staff is based on a lack of evidence.

He cited a 2014 report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a think-tank, which said the number of new jobs created in Ontario was higher than that created in every province except Alberta.

The report said the Canadian economy would grow by a full percentage point in 2020 and a full third in 2021 if the province had the same level of population growth as Ontario.

That would make Ottawa the most economically diverse city in the world, according to the report.

It would also be the most successful economy, the report said.

A report by Statistics Canada, which has been monitoring job growth in the province, said there were 4,100 new jobs in the provincial economy in the first six months of this year.

Statistics Canada’s data shows Ottawa has the second-highest rate of job creation of any of Canada’s large cities.

Statistics Quebec also said the economy of the province would grow 6.7 per cent this year, a rate higher than the national average.

However, the province has one of Canadas highest unemployment rates, with a rate of 12.1 per cent.

The average rate of unemployment in the nation was 8.7 percent, according a survey from Statistics Canada.

Nicholson did not directly address the issue of whether the job growth Ottawa is seeing is sustainable.

However he did acknowledge the need to do more to attract more people and businesses to the city.

Nicholson is the city manager of Ottawa.

In January, he announced Ottawa was in the midst of an open call to recruit and retain people.

Nicholson told reporters during that call that he expects to have more than 50 new positions available for employees by March, including for police officers and paramedics.

The position of city manager is typically a senior position in a city council.

It typically has a salary range of $50,000 to $100,000 a year.

In the past, the position has been filled by council members and city council presidents.

According to Nicholson, he believes the city of Ottawa’s workforce is capable of attracting more employees.

“We have the talent and we have the people to fill those jobs,” he said.

“It’s about having the right people in place.

We can’t keep hiring staff and having them get sick.

We need to have the right person.”

Nicholson said the job creation effort will be focused on recruiting more staff, hiring people who have the skills and the training to work in the business community, and ensuring the city keeps pace with population growth and the growth of the Canadian health care system.

He added that he hopes Ottawa can attract more companies to the downtown area, which is growing rapidly.

Nicholson also pointed to the need for a new tax on small businesses to encourage more people to open up shop.

“There’s an economic driver that needs to be addressed in Ottawa,” he told reporters.

“When you have people working in a downtown, people are more likely to be employed and there’s more of a base of employees.”

Nicholson acknowledged that Ottawa has a problem with its public transportation system.

But he said he’s hopeful that the public transit system can be rebuilt and that the infrastructure improvements

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