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After months of complaints about customer service and AT&T customers getting trapped in long lines at AT&amps doorsteps, the US telco is making the rounds again, and this time it has the audacity to announce a major new program that it hopes will give its customers a break.

The company says it will launch a new loyalty program called afterpay, which is designed to help AT&amping customers keep their phones and tablets.

Customers will get a $300 credit toward their next phone plan if they make at least $10 in afterpay payments within a week of making the payment.

In return, afterpay will offer $1 off a new phone.

The afterpay program will start with the AT&M prepaid and ATO Next and Next+ plans, but the company says its new afterpay programs are also available to other major carriers.

While AT&amt’s afterpay has been on the market for a few years now, this is the first time the company has publicly announced it.

While the company didn’t name any carriers involved in the program, it did say that the afterpay offer will only be available to customers who are eligible for an afterpay credit.

“Afterpay is the most innovative way for customers to get their phones back,” afterpay’s head of marketing, Matt Wohlers, said in a statement.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers an option to earn afterpay on their prepaid phone plans and pay less for their phones.”

Wohlers told Ars Technic that AT&AMt was already working on its afterpay service.

The company said that it has had a number of customers reach out to the company and request afterpay.

Wohiers said that the service will be available from December 1.

In its statement, AT&ams corporate headquarters said that afterpay “allows customers to take advantage of the benefits of afterpay as they pay off their phone bills, without having to wait for their phone bill to come due.”

It’s unclear what AT&Amt’s other afterpay offerings are.

The service currently only works on the ATO Plus and Next plans.

The AT&AMS blog on Thursday announced a new afterpayment credit program called a “next” program that will be added to AT&ames Next plans, which are the Next+ and Next line tiers.

The next program is for AT&&ampams most customers who use a phone plan that includes at least one AT&aM phone.

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