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A customisable ink pen is a device that allows users to customize their pen to look just like an existing product.

Customised pens can also have a special effect on the pen itself, according to a study by U.K. consultancy firm Inkopolis.

For example, a customized pen might have a unique, non-standard color or shape, or it might feature a unique logo or branding.

The Pen Shop’s Pen Pen Customisation Kit, a pen customization kit that lets users customise a pen with different fonts, sizes, shapes, colors and other details, was created by PenShop, a British retailer that has sold customisable pens since 2013.

The PenShop Pen Customization Kit comes in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from ink to metallic.

According to the PenShop website, the kit includes a set of pen tips, an ink refill, a pencil case, and an assortment of ink cartridges.

But it’s not the ink itself that is customisable.

The ink that the user wants to customise is the ink that comes from the ink pen that was used in the customisation.

The ink that is used to create the pen is the pen ink that was purchased from the Pen Shop.

The Inkopolis study showed that users who bought customisable pencils from the company had an 87 percent chance of buying their ink customised, compared to those who purchased ink customisers from the same companies.

This was not the case for pen-customised ink.

Only a little more than one-third of PenShop customers were likely to have purchased their ink customized, with the remaining three-quarters likely to not have bought it at all.

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