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2.0.5: New features:Added support for iOS11 devicesAdded new “Explore” menu item to the My Experian Experience sectionAdded support to select the day and month to display the daily forecastAdded new data options to forecast data pages, and updated data types to make the forecast easier to understandNew feature: “Custom Mask” allows you to customize your own mask for your device.

This can be set as “Always On” (the default) or as “Never On”.

For more information about how to configure custom masks, see the FAQ.

New feature!

“My Experian” Experience section:New features:Improved support for iPad4,5,6 and7New feature added: “Hide Weather” and “Show Weather” from My Experiaion section.

Added new options to the “Show Forecast” menu: “Always” or “Never”Added new settings to “View Forecast History” and the “View Metric History” menus: “Forecast History: Current Date”, “Foreview History: Last Metric Date”, and “Foreplay History: Show Metric Data”.

You can see the details of the new features in the FAQ section.

New features added to My Experiasion section:”Explore” and”My Experiasions” pages now show weather forecasts for any of your favorite weather types.

New Features added to the forecast section:You can now customize your experience using your mask and mask data.

To change the mask, simply select “Mask” from the My Experience section.

To add a custom mask, select it from the Custom Mask menu.

You can also choose the mask type: “MyExperian”, “Experian” or an empty list.

To hide the forecast: Select “Hide Forecast”.

To show forecast: Press and hold the button in the forecast view to hide it.

New design for My Experiance page:Added new feature to the Forecast page: You can now edit the forecast using the forecast history widget, and customize the forecast data.

Press and hold on the forecast icon and select Edit.

To remove the forecast widget: Press the button to the left of the forecast.

To remove the widget, click on the button.

You also can edit the weather forecast by going to the weather widget and selecting “Edit Forecast”, or by using the MyExperian app on your iPad or iPhone.

To see the current weather forecast, select “Forecasts” from Settings.

You will see a “forecast history” list.

To add a forecast to the history, select the forecast and press the “Edit” button.

To update the forecast, simply add a new forecast to your history.

To stop adding new forecasts, select to the right of the Forecasts icon and press “Unselect”.

You will be prompted to update your forecast history.

You have a number of new options for selecting the weather types in your forecast:Day and monthForecast weather: For each day and each month, select weather from the Forecasting tab.

For example, “Mon/Wed” and so on.

Forecast time: For every hour, choose the weather from Forecasts.

For examples, “12:00”, “4:00” and such.

Forecasts can be filtered by the time of day, time of month, or day of the week.

Weather conditions: For example, if the weather is cloudy, select cloudy from the Weather tab.

Day and week: For the day, select that day in the month from the forecast page.

For days that are in the same month as the forecast day, choose days in that month from Forecast Weather.

For weekends and holidays, choose a weekend or holiday from the Weekend and Holiday tab.

Forecasting time zone: Select the time zone to use in your city or town.

For example: USA (GMT+5), Europe (GMT -5), Asia (GMT +7).

Forecast city: Select your city from the “City” menu.

For more details, see our FAQ.

Improved performance when downloading data from your device: You will now see a confirmation box when you download data.

You can then select “Continue” to continue downloading data.

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