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Here’s a look at the new console, which Microsoft is set to launch later this month.

It’s also set to be the first console to support 4K gaming, and has been made with the help of NVIDIA, Intel and AMD chips.

Read more The Xbox Scorpios will also have an HDMI port and a USB Type-C port, the latter of which we’ve been told Microsoft will use to connect to external displays.

We’re not yet sure how the Scorpio will play games in 4K resolution, but Microsoft has confirmed that Scorpio games will look great at this resolution, and will look good at up to 1080p60.

It’ll also be compatible with 1080p Blu-ray Disc and 4K HDR.

Xbox Scorpius will cost £399.99.

Read more Xbox One SThe Xbox One X was a bit of a letdown, but we’re not surprised at Microsoft’s decision to keep it as a standalone model.

The Xbox One will remain a flagship console, and it’ll be a little pricey at £499.99, but it’ll still be a big step up from the Xbox One, which will sell for £299.99 on launch day.

The new Xbox One is set for release in December.

It will come with a 3,000mAh battery, which we expect to last around a year.

The console is set in 2019 and is rumoured to have more RAM and more storage.

Xbox One PlusThe Xbox Plus is the new “one-year subscription” model.

It lets you keep playing Xbox games and services for up to one year for £40 a month.

The extra £40 is a good deal, and we think it’ll work well for some people.

The price will drop to £35.99 for Xbox One and £40 for Xbox Plus in November.

The PS4 ProThe PlayStation 4 Pro has the added benefit of being the first generation of console with built-in HDR.

We were told that the PS4 will have a similar design to the Xbox Scorpions, and is expected to launch sometime in 2019.

This is a significant upgrade over the PS5 Pro, which has a 30-degree field of view.

The hardware specs have not yet been revealed, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer told GamesBeat that the new PS4 has a “big improvement” over the current PS5.

The specs include: 8 teraflops of compute power

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