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In the days after Suddenlinks acquisition, the company’s former CEO, Paul Togarty, took to Twitter to announce that the company was looking for a new chief customer officer.

The post prompted a lot of confusion and speculation as to who the new CEO would be.

It soon became clear that Togary was referring to a new VP of marketing and public relations.

Togery has been at the company since 2014 and had previously worked at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But he had no experience with the mobile advertising business and was tasked with recruiting a new head of product and brand management.

What we do know is that the job will be handled by a former Facebook VP of communications, who previously worked in the tech industry at Twitter and Twitter’s parent company, Condé Nast.

In an interview with Business Insider, Togarys new VP VP of customer experience, Alex Nissenbaum, said that the role would involve focusing on mobile advertising, and that the new VP would be responsible for the company “trying to bring all of its customers into the fold”.

Nissens VP of product marketing, John Kagan, will be responsible “to develop and deliver targeted campaigns” for SuddenLinks new mobile ad platform.

“We’re not going to be looking at a single business,” he said.

Toggary’s appointment to the role comes at a time when the company is trying to diversify its strategy.

SuddenLink was acquired by Google for $3.4bn last month, with a new CEO taking over the company in January.

But the acquisition also marked the end of a three-year tenure at the helm of the company, and Nisses departure comes a day after the company announced it had sold its smartphone business to a Chinese internet giant, China Mobile.

Nisssenbaum said that “we’re not looking to do anything new” with the new venture, and the company will focus on “driving value for our customers”.

“We don’t want to be competing with other companies on a per-device basis.

We’re not competing with Google and Facebook on a single platform,” he told Business Insider.

Niskanenbaum said the company does not yet know how many customers will be impacted by the sale, but that he hopes that “at least a couple million people will be able to benefit” from the deal.

He said that as part of the deal, Sudden Link will be giving back “a little bit” of its “brand” to its customers, and said that it “will also work with them on new content, particularly in the new digital media space”.

SuddenLINK will also work on “enhancing customer experience”, Niskenbaum added, and added that “the new platform will be open source, so you will be seeing all the features from SuddenTalk in the Suddentalk app”.

In the past, S&P 500 tech stocks have suffered from volatility, with many investors seeing the stock as overvalued.

But in recent weeks, the market has recovered, and Suddenlks stock is up more than 25% since Niskens tenure ended.

The new VP will also be responsible to “develop and deliver a strategy for S&amps efforts to enhance customer experience and engagement across all of our brands and services across all platforms,” he added.

S&ams chief executive, David Karp, said in a statement that the VP’s role “will include delivering on our strategic plans for improving customer experience across all Sudden channels, from product to advertising, to content and more.”

But the company did not explain what these plans might be.

“The VP will continue to be an integral part of our strategy for delivering great value for STM,” Karp added.

“This includes delivering more value to our customers through better value for customers and greater value to STM customers through stronger, more targeted advertising.”

Sudden link will continue “to be a leader in the world of mobile advertising,” Karkun said in his statement.

“While we are excited about the opportunity to be a leading digital media platform in China, we must continue to lead in a fast-moving market.

We will remain focused on growing STM and delivering a strong customer experience.”

He also promised to work with “all of our stakeholders to help us accelerate our progress”.

The new position will come a week after Niskon’s tenure ended, and will mark the end to a tumultuous tenure at Sudden.

In 2016, Nisk had resigned as CEO after nearly two years on the job and announced that he would resign the position.

Niams departure came amid the rise of social media giants like Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as the rise and dominance of Apple.

The company’s mobile ad business was valued at $4.5bn at the end 2014, with Nisk’s decision to leave the company following his departure prompting criticism from investors.

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