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Google’s new Indian subsidiary has been making the case for a “pen revolution”.

In an interview with NDTV, the firm’s COO Manoj Bhaskar said: “I believe that there’s an exponential change in the way people are using their digital devices.

In terms of the size of the market, I think the penetration is going to be very big.”

This has led to a new category of pens, as well as a new type of digital pen: a pen that can be used with a mobile phone.

This new pen category, Bhaskari said, was a natural extension of the company’s new digital platform, Google Lens.

Google Lens, which was launched earlier this year, aims to bring together various kinds of digital data from the likes of Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Photos to make maps and other online information more intuitive and accessible.

Google has already been working with a number of leading brands on this new platform.

But the real innovation, Bhasksar said, would come from a “smart pen”.

“We have a smart pen, we will bring the experience of the smart pen into our products,” he said.

This will make Google’s products more accessible to more people, and make the company more popular with consumers.

Google’s digital pens Google has partnered with a range of companies in the US and Europe, and now has a presence in the UK and Australia, and plans to launch in India in the coming months.

Google is currently in the process of selling its “new” Google Pencil, a pen with a curved, rubber tip, that Google said it was introducing this week in India.

The company has also partnered with some major brands, including the American consumer electronics company Apple and French-Canadian retailer L’Oréal.

Google recently launched a new line of smart pens, called the Google Lens line, and said it planned to expand this range in the future.

“We are excited to bring Google’s smart pen to India, a market that has been a leading destination for smart pens in recent years,” Bhaskarsaid.

The new smart pens will be available for purchase in India from Google’s online store starting in March, the company said.

Google also announced a partnership with the Indian government in an effort to “improve education in India”.

“India is the world’s largest digital market, and we have seen an increasing demand for more effective digital education across the country,” Google said.

“Through this partnership, we aim to increase education and learning opportunities for millions of children across India by connecting them to Google’s global educational platform and helping them to achieve their educational goals.”

This partnership is the latest in a series of initiatives Google has taken to try and boost digital education in the country.

Earlier this year the company launched its Google Learning app in India, and earlier this month launched an app for English-speaking students in the Indian National Test Centre (INCTC).

Google is also partnering with a host of digital literacy services in India that are designed to help people improve their English language skills, including one that will be rolled out in 2019.

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