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Verizon will be adding an additional $5 to customers who want to customize their calls.

The company announced Wednesday that it will begin charging customers $5 per call for customizing the speed of a voice call or changing the volume of an incoming call.

Customers will need to have a Verizon Wireless SIM card with a custom dial tone, the company said.

Custom call speeds will vary by location and device, Verizon said.

The new fee will apply to all customers with an unlimited plan who sign up for the service.

Custom dial tone speeds vary by the type of device and will be added in future devices.

Custom calls are already being offered by AT&T and T-Mobile for free.

Verizon said it plans to offer additional features for its customers in the future.

Custom tone speeds will also increase in the coming months, Verizon added.

Custom Dial Tone (CNT) is a technology that can automatically determine the appropriate volume level to make a call when certain conditions are met, such as when you are speaking with someone on the other end of a call, the carrier said.

If a customer has dial tone settings on the device, it will automatically change to the appropriate setting when the call is received.

Custom phone calls with custom dial tones are not new, Verizon’s CMO, Dan Wiedefeld, said during a press call on Wednesday.

Customization is just the beginning of what Verizon is trying to do, Wiedeefeld said.

Verizon’s next step is to introduce more features and more options for customers who have customized dial tones.

Custom voice calls will continue to be offered on the Verizon Wireless network and through its apps.

Custom Voicemail is a service Verizon offers to businesses.

It will start charging for custom Voicemails from 1 a.m. to midnight on Wednesday and Thursday, Wiesefeld confirmed.

Custom voicemail is available in most markets and will also be available on select devices and apps from Verizon.

Custom and custom Voicsemail will continue through the end of 2019, Wieefeld told reporters during a conference call.

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