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Up to a third of Cox Communications Inc’s customers are still not receiving service after the company said on Friday that it had not been able to fix a problem that is making it impossible for the company’s customers to make calls or send text messages.

On Wednesday, the company confirmed that it was working on a fix that was supposed to be rolled out later on Friday.

The problem has been causing problems for some customers since Friday, and Cox customers are being unable to make their calls or text messages and are being asked to send money in exchange for text messages, the Reuters news agency reported.

Cox has been trying to fix the problem since the beginning of this year, but is still unable to complete the work.

The company said in a statement that its work to fix customer service issues had been “completed and is expected to be implemented in the next 24 hours”.

The company told Reuters that it would release a detailed update on its progress in a few hours.

The Reuters news report comes as Cox, one of the US’s largest telecoms companies, is struggling to make its voice and data networks more efficient.

The company said that it is now working on “additional solutions” to make voice and video services more efficient, but has not said what those solutions might be.CFO Bob Stryk, who had been overseeing the company since 2010, was replaced on Friday, the Associated Press news agency said.

Stryk has been at the helm of Cox since 2010.

He had previously been at AT&T, one the biggest US carriers, which had been trying for years to fix its voice services.

Crosby’s departure comes after AT&Ts CEO Randall Stephenson resigned in December amid criticism that he was slow to improve the company.

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