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Samsung’s customer service troubles have prompted a new round of calls to its U.S. customer service division for help, prompting an explanation from the South Korean company.

“We have received several calls from customers reporting that their calls have increased in volume,” a Samsung spokesman told CNNMoney in an email.

“We want to clarify that this is not due to the recent increase in our business, and we have nothing to add.”

The company said it had already taken steps to address the issue, including upgrading its network, which it said is already up to 60 percent more than normal.

Samsung’s U.K.-based customer service has been particularly bad, with calls to a number of the country’s biggest and most popular service providers, according to a recent report by the online consumer protection group Which?

It said the problem has become worse since the end of the year.

According to Which?

customer service expert, Paul O’Connell, a consumer who had called in a number that included Samsung and the likes of Sony, has been receiving a constant stream of customer service calls since the middle of last year.

“I’ve been calling for months, calling every single day, with no answer,” O’Connor said.

“It’s almost like a nightmare.”

Samsung said the number of calls is up to 10 times higher than normal, and that it has already deployed new technologies to address calls.

The company said that, to date, more than 6,000 customers have been affected, and the company is working with its network to help resolve the problem.

Samsung said that it will refund customers who have been charged more than $10 for calls.

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