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The Amazon India portal has been flooded with queries and comments since the book “No, My Book is Not A Hacked Book” was released in September, with some people questioning whether it was indeed a hacked book.

“I read the book, I don’t buy it.

What kind of books are you publishing?” one commenter asked.

Others also questioned whether Amazon had changed the book to say that it was not a hacked product.

“No no, I bought this book but I don ‘t own it.

I bought it for my family but now I ‘m afraid to read it for myself because it ‘s not a book,” said one person.

“It is a book about India but I bought the book from Amazon and it is a hack.”

“No you don’t own the book.

It is a hacked work,” another person wrote.”

I am a proud Indian but am not going to read this book.

Amazon has given it to me and not me as a customer.

It ‘s a hack,” said another person.

Amazon India has been inundated with customer complaints and reviews on the book after it was published, and has taken the unprecedented step of cancelling the book’s sale.

“Amazon has made it clear that this book is not a hack and that we have already informed the authors about the fact that this is a scam.

It was a hack.

Amazon does not own it,” the bookseller said in a post on Facebook.”

We have informed all the authors that this was a scam and that they have already asked us to refund all their sales,” he added.

“We also received a call from Amazon that the book has been banned and we are unable to sell any more of the book.”

“Amazon India told us that this scam was a ‘hack’ and that all sales have been cancelled.

They have also removed our books from their shelves,” he said.

The author said he will be making a donation to a non-profit organisation for a “free education” for students from the rural areas in India.

“They [Amazon India] told us they will refund all our sales and it will be a donation for the National Rural Education Mission (NREM),” he added in his post.

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