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I’m going to tell you a little story about the time I went to pick up my wife from work, and the ghost ship that was our little town of Redlands, California.

This was about three years ago, and I’ve got no idea why I got lost.

I was driving my dad’s silver Nissan Pathfinder through the middle of the desert, and it wasn’t raining.

The wind was blowing from the west, but we were driving toward the sea, and then it started to get really hot.

It got really hot in Redlands.

I remember driving by a house that had a swimming pool and a swimming hole.

I asked my wife what she wanted to do.

She said, “Go swimming.”

I said, How?

She said to go to a nearby lake.

I said what?

She went and sat on a dock, and all of a sudden she started shaking and crying.

It was scary.

It’s so hard to describe what happened.

When I got home, my wife said, What are you doing?

And I said I’m not going to do that.

She was like, Well, why?

I said because we’re in the middle, and there’s no water.

We were going to get lost, and we’re going to have to wait, so I don’t want to wait any longer.

And I was like No, no, no.

I’m just going to go home.

So, we did.

We went to bed.

The next day, my dad drove me back to the house and he started screaming, “The ghost ship is here!

He’s here!”

It was an incredible feeling.

It wasn’t just like, I’m really going to be home, I really am.

We did that a couple of times over the next couple of weeks.

When you’re driving down the road, you feel like you’re going somewhere, and you’re not, and suddenly you’re seeing lights, and something’s going on, and your mind’s just going, What’s that?

And it starts to get real and you think, What am I seeing?

I thought it was the sea.

So we went to see the ocean.

It looked like a giant white whale swimming up and down the ocean, and at the bottom it looked like something was going on.

And the next day I drove back and I started to drive again.

I went back to see my wife, and my wife was like What is this?

And she said, You can’t see it!

So I said you’ve seen it!

And my wife started crying.

And she went into a panic.

And we were on the phone, and she was crying.

She started crying like a baby, and when I got out of the car, she said I’ll get home and take you to the doctor.

And so I got back in the car and went home.

I got a little bit nervous about it.

We talked about it, and eventually I calmed down.

And then my wife got a call.

She says, The ocean is real.

It looks like a white whale, and everybody says, It looks a little like the whale you see in the movie The White Whale.

And my daughter said, Daddy, I thought the whale was just there, and that was the first time I was ever worried about it because I didn’t think it was real.

And that was, like, Oh my God, that was scary, but then it dawned on me that maybe there was some kind of energy out there.

And eventually I saw a giant ship.

It started to shake, and people started to yell, “Hurry up!”

And I just started to think that was weird.

And it started raining and I went, Why the hell are people calling me crazy?

And that’s when I started talking to my daughter about it and talking to people.

So my daughter, I mean, she was very skeptical about the idea of that.

And a couple years later, she started to believe that it was a real thing, and now she is convinced it’s real.

But at that point, my daughter didn’t really understand.

She’s still not sure, but she thinks that it’s something that is real and that it has a name.

So I’m happy to say that she’s been through all of this, and in some ways it has been the most freeing time of her life.

I have a wonderful daughter who is now a little girl.

And you can tell by the way she is with her little hands, because she doesn’t know how to use her hands anymore.

She can’t take a picture with her phone.

She just has to take a photo with her computer.

She gets very frustrated with people, and, like you said, it’s her time now.

So she’s doing amazing things, and her time is really over, and hopefully it’s over soon.

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