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A custom-built teddy bears for every holiday or special occasion are being sold online at an incredible rate.

A seller on a site called TARDIS, or “Teddy Bear for Christmas,” is selling an enormous number of the custom-crafted wooden bears for $300, and says there are more than 2,500 items in stock.

They range from simple handmade Christmas gifts to customised teddy-style animals, including one for a girl named Bella that says, “Thank you for being my little teddy!”

The site, which sells handmade handmade goods from around the world, has an inventory of nearly 1,500, and its website has been selling teddy blankets for nearly a year.

It’s hard to imagine there’s a simpler way to make an authentic Christmas gift, said Michael Hensch, a designer at TARDIS.

“The only way you can make it is to build it,” Hensche said.

The site also has a Christmas tree with a custom design for each of the 100 or so different colors, but the handmade trees are also selling handmade hats, bows, ponchos and other items.

TARDIS says it has made the custom designs for the first three teddy models sold through the site.

In addition to the custom teddy and snowballs, the site sells custom handmade hats with bows, and a custom made blanket.

Each teddy is custom made to order, and Hensches said he expects to see the stock grow.

Custom teddy sales are not limited to the U.S. The site also sells teddy bags made from recycled cardboard, a teddy made from a wood-burning stove and other handmade items.

Hensch said he started selling teddies about three years ago when he discovered that he could make them by hand.

He said his family had never made any homemade gifts, and he wanted to make something special for his birthday.

Hensches has received thousands of teddy orders from around Europe and the U, and said his teddy business has grown from 10 customers to almost 300.

While the teddy market is booming, Henschen said he has yet to find a way to keep up with demand, and his teddys have sold out quickly.

If you would like to order a teddy or an additional item from this listing, please email me.

For more information about custom teddymaking, visit TARDIS on the TARDIS website or email me at [email protected]

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