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The Times Of India has teamed up with Microsoft to offer readers tips on how to help your customers get to their new Lumia 1020 smartphone, according to an article on its website.

Customers will be able to sign up for Microsoft’s new Lumia program, which allows them to download a Lumia 1030 smartphone, install a Windows 10 operating system and get their new device up and running in about three months.

Customer service representatives are available to help with the installation process, but there are also many online resources on how the Lumia 1025 and 1030 work, including one that will show you how to connect a USB-C to an Ethernet cable, the Microsoft guide to installing Windows 10 on the new Lumia, how to upgrade your Windows 10 computer, and how to install a new driver.

Custom puzzle games are also being created with the help of Microsoft.

The games include one called, “Mortal Kombat,” and one called “Pong,” which can be played for free with the game.

The puzzles, which are set in a futuristic version of the Mortal Kombat franchise, include the ability to move the player to different locations and dodge enemies.

Custom patch customers can download the Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview and get Windows 10 in the process.

Custom puzzles will be available through the end of March, according a spokesperson for Microsoft.

Custom patches will be made available through May, but it will take up to three months before they become available for customers, according the spokesperson.

Custom puzzles can be purchased in the Microsoft Store.

Customs will offer refunds and credits for customers who buy the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview or Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview for $99.99.

Custom games that are being created by Microsoft will also be made in-app available, according Microsoft.

Customers can purchase custom games in the Store, which include the Microsoft Games Store, the Bing Store and the Xbox Games Store.

The Windows 10 mobile Insider Preview will come to phones and tablets in the coming weeks.

Microsoft has been teasing Windows 10 phones for some time now.

It launched the first mobile version of Windows 10 at its Build developer conference in October 2016, and last month, the company announced it was rolling out the first major version of Microsoft’s operating system to Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones.

The Lumia 1021 was announced last month as the company’s flagship smartphone.

The device was also the first Windows 10 device to be made exclusively for India.

The Lumia 1035 and 1040 are coming soon to India.

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