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DirectV customers can stop paying for Netflix on a variety of devices through a new policy that will be implemented in the coming weeks, the company announced today.

The new policy, first reported by TechCrunch, comes just a few weeks after the streaming video service launched a new subscription plan for all of its customers.

DirectV is one of the few major providers of broadband Internet to consumers, but it’s also a provider that can take a hit in the fight against Netflix’s $7.99 per month unlimited streaming subscription.

As a result, many people are choosing to pay $9.99 a month for a streaming subscription rather than $5.99 for the same streaming package with the other major providers.

This policy, however, doesn’t affect existing DirectV subscriptions.

DirectVs existing customers, on the other hand, have been able to use a new “slim” pricing plan that lets them pay $6.99 monthly for an unlimited plan, and the company is looking to extend the plan to include additional features.

While the new policy is good news for people who want to pay for streaming services, it’s going to take some time for people to adjust to the new pricing.

The company says the change is expected to take place sometime in March, though some customers may need to wait until April.

DirectV has a ton of data on its service, but we’ve seen a lot of confusion over how customers are being treated.

That’s why we reached out to the company for an in-depth answer to our questions about how customers will be treated in March.

Here’s what we learned.

What happens now that DirectV has implemented a new pricing plan?

Customers will continue to receive the same monthly plan that they already have.

Customers will not be billed for any additional services or content that has been added.

Customers who subscribe to the basic package, which includes unlimited Netflix, HBO Go, and Spotify, will not have to pay additional for these additional services and content.

The company says it will start rolling out the new plan on April 7.

Customers can start using the new payment method by going to, logging in with their DirectV username and password, and clicking on “Manage My Payment.”

Customers who have already purchased their service through an existing Directv account will be able to access their existing monthly plan.

Customers that have a DIRECTV Plus or DIRECTV Business plan can use the new service.

Customers with a DIRECTVA Plus plan can access the new product at DirectV’s customer service portal, by clicking on the “My DirectV Plus” link on the top right corner of the screen, and then choosing “Upgrade.”

Customs who have a DirectV Home plan can also use the service.

Customs that have been with the company since 2014 will be upgraded to the current pricing.

This means that the company will continue charging customers $9 a month, which is a little less than what most people are paying for streaming video.

Customers are still expected to pay full price for streaming and video content, but there is a new option to pay less.

What’s in the new DIRECTV pricing plan, exactly?

Customers with an existing DIRECTV service account will continue receiving the same plan.

Customers without an existing directv account won’t be affected.

Customists who have an existing subscription to DIRECTV, but haven’t been paying for the service, can now continue paying the same rate.

Customers that are already paying full price will continue paying at that rate.

What happens to the existing DIRECTVs subscription if customers are switching to the “slight” pricing?

In the new new plan, customers who have paid full price on their existing service will be allowed to use the extra “slightly cheaper” $5/month option, which allows customers to add some of the content they’re already getting from their existing Directvs subscription to the subscription.

Customist with an already existing DirectTV subscription who has been paying full-price will be eligible for the $5 plan.

This is the same $5 option that customers are already receiving.

What if customers don’t want to use an extra $5 to pay a little more for streaming?

This will allow customers to keep their existing $5 monthly plan and continue paying full pricing.

Customer with an old DIRECTV account will no longer be able use the $6/month “sketchy” pricing option, where they pay $7/month for an additional service.

This “sneaky” pricing has been around for a while, but customers who don’t use the more expensive $6 plan are still paying full cost for the services they already get.

What will happen to the old DIRECTVs $10/month price point?

When customers switch to the $9/month plan, they will be charged the same amount for the monthly plan as they would have been charged for the original DIRECTVs service plan.

They’ll also continue paying their full-priced $5 fee

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