Primavera | Custom Designs

A friend told me about a great company that has custom blind units that will help you see better.

I’ve been using them for years now, and I’ve always been amazed at how much they can make a Jeep look more like it is in person.

I’m going to be honest, I am still amazed at the beauty of their custom blind system.

When I got my Jeep Wranglers, I had no idea how much I could change about the look of my Jeep.

The rear bumper was pretty bare and dirty.

I thought, “This is it.

This is what it should look like.”

Then I saw the custom blind on, and my brain exploded with possibilities.

This was the perfect opportunity to get a custom Jeep blind kit from Metopics.

The first thing I did was check out the specifications.

I had never seen a kit with so many options.

I bought the Metropics Wrangler blinds for $100, but if I wanted a more personalized look, I could buy a kit for $600 or $900.

I didn’t want to spend that much money on something that was going to look weird in person, but Metropss offered me a $400 discount if I was interested.

The options included everything from custom mounting brackets to custom headlamps, and a variety of materials.

I decided to go with the plastic headlamp.

The Metropks kit comes with three colors, and the colors are pretty easy to identify.

I purchased the blue and yellow colors.

I was so happy that I didn`t need to go back and change any other pieces.

The yellow was very noticeable on my Wrangler, but not as noticeable as the black.

The plastic headlight kit was the most impressive, and for that I am really thankful.

I really like the way it looks in person and it made my Wrangler look even more sleek.

The headlights were really well designed, and they looked really great in person with the tinted windows and lights.

I wanted to be able to see the lights in my Jeep, and not have them go off when I’m driving.

The two lights are on all the time, so I could see them easily when I was parked, and when I wasn’t.

The other option was to have the two lights on and off at the same time.

I like to have one light on for extra visibility and one off for extra glare, so that I can see the back of the Jeep without getting in the way.

The lighting system is really well thought out and is very functional.

I will definitely recommend this kit to anyone who wants a more custom Jeep look.

I got the three colors for $50, and if you have any questions, I`ll be happy to help you out.

The second kit comes for $200 and is a little more expensive, but I really enjoyed it.

I did get a black and silver color option, and that color matched my Jeeps exterior perfectly.

I love the chrome, and it looks really good with the black, white and blue tinted glass.

The kit comes complete with the brackets, and Metrops provided instructions on how to install the brackets on the front of your Jeep.

You can get a couple of other options from Metops, too.

If you have questions, don`t hesitate to call Metopcs at 800-832-7500.

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