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I can’t make it, but I can make my own custom door mat.

I bought a new door mat from the factory.

It’s beautiful, but it’s made of plastic.

I’m about to make my very own.

The only problem?

It’s plastic.

It takes up a ton of space.

So I’m not even sure I want to buy one.

So, I’ve decided to make it myself.

What do I need?

I need a couple of things.

One is an old piece of plywood, about the size of a half-dollar.

I’ve used a piece of wood from the garage before, but this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I have a couple other options, but none are very good.

So the only way I can get this one is to cut it up.

First, I want it to be strong enough to hold up in the air for hours.

I want the seams to be tight enough that it won’t flex.

I also want the edges to be straight and flush with the sides.

The problem with this is that plywood is very hard to cut.

I use a router to get the corners of the plywood into a position where I can cut them out.

This isn’t a huge deal because I cut a couple square pieces out of a piece that measures roughly one-quarter inch by two-thirds inch, and that’s about it.

It was the easiest part of the process, but that’s where I ran into the problem.

The next thing I need is a pair of scissors.

I wanted a sharp blade, so I had to buy two.

The first was a 1/4-inch razor blade.

The second one was a sharpening wheel.

The sharpening wheels were $2.95 each.

Both of them cost about $4.99 apiece.

The scissors were the least expensive.

The razor blade cost $5.99.

I have to make a couple more cuts to get all of the edges square, but once I’ve got them all square, I can trim them down and trim the sides down.

I’ll probably do this over and over again until I’ve finished everything.

I also need a pair, of tape, to hold the door mat in place.

I bought these little clips, but they don’t seem to hold well.

Instead, I cut two pieces of 1/2-inch thick 1/8-inch-thick tape.

I put them in a file and took a long, long, deep breath.

I then pressed one of the pieces to the center of the door, making sure that the edges were flush with one another.

This worked well enough that I could use them to hold a pair in place for a while.

I could then move them out of the way and trim them to fit the edge.

This is the final product:The door mat is now perfect.

It is sturdy enough to stand up on the factory floor.

It has a nice, straight, and flush edge.

I didn’t have to trim the corners down, and the edges of the mat are flush with all four sides.

Now that I’ve made the mat, I’m going to put the door back on and take it for a spin.

The process is pretty simple.

I drill a small hole into the top of the front of the panel.

I clamp the door in place with two sheets of 1-inch plywood.

I cut an opening in the back of the plastic that will hold the fabric inside.

I glue the fabric onto the plastic, leaving a couple slots where the fabric would fit into the opening.

The fabric is pretty thin, so the holes aren’t too deep, but the holes are wide enough to fit some fabric in them.

I press the fabric down into the hole, and I press down with the scissors.

This is my first time using scissors, so it’s a little rough.

But it’s pretty easy to work with, and it’s the only time I’ve done this so far.

After a few minutes, I slide the door into the door and turn it over.

It looks good, but now I have to take a closer look at the fabric to see if it’s going to work.

The stitching is still uneven, and some of the seams are crooked.

I don’t want to do this again.

After a few more minutes, the door is back in place and I’m ready to move on to the next step. I will

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