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The way you buy your next blanket is changing.

The companies that make them are embracing a new way of thinking about customer service and helping customers keep their blankets.

Cigna is taking a different approach with customer service.

Instead of asking customers to return blankets, Cignas customers can pay with cash and take out a card.

And, as of Monday, CVS is also allowing customers to order blankets online.

These changes come as Cignals business is reeling from the recent data breaches at Target and Home Depot, which have affected millions of people. 

In an interview with the Wall Street JournoResort, Ciraq co-founder and CEO Scott McVicker said that Cignos customers are using the card-based approach, which he called “customer centric.”

“We’ve been working with customers for a long time to create this customer centric approach, to make sure that when they use their Cigns service, it is the same as when they shop with us,” McVickers said.

“We want customers to feel like their purchases are as seamless as possible, and they’re always getting their blankets, regardless of where they are.”

Customers who want to pay cash are now able to do so by signing up for a prepaid debit card, or paying cash using their credit card, he said.

In the future, customers can also make a payment with a credit card and then use that card to pay with Cignums service. 

McVickers also said that customers can use their own money to pay for blankets.

“Cignas customer service is going to be completely digital,” he said, adding that customers will be able to create accounts with their own personal information.

“This is the way we want to be able for customers to manage their account, and also to do all of the payments and payments in a way that is convenient to them.”

A customer service rep told Business Insider that the move to customer service was driven by the recent hack of Target, where personal information was stolen.

“Target was hacked, so we’re working with the law enforcement,” the rep said.

The company also said it was “very proactive in the investigation and prosecution of the breach.”

Cigna says it’s working with law enforcement on how to deal with the hacks. 

It also wants to be clear that the company is not a payment processor, and that it has no relationship with Target, Home Depot or other retailers that have been hacked.

“We take customer service very seriously,” Mcvickers said in the interview.

“Our focus is customer service at Cignares.

We have an incredible customer support team, we have a tremendous customer service team that we have built in the past year and a half.

But, we are very proactive and we’re going to continue to be that way.” 

In addition to the changes, McVicks said the company has also revamped its customer service department.

Previously, Cirlas customer support agents were assigned to help customers with customer questions.

Now, they’ll be assigned to assist customers in their daily lives. 

“The number one thing we want our customers to know is that Cirq is in your corner,” McQuillan said.

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