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In many cases, the scammer will tell you that the package is on your doorstep, but in reality it’s on a delivery truck.

The scammer, in the guise of a FedEx employee, will give you a package and ask you to open it.

The scammer then shows you how to open the package and takes out a piece of paper that says FedEx Express.

You are then instructed to open a box, which contains the package.

The person who delivers the package to you then asks you to write down a receipt.

If you don’t, you could end up paying for the delivery itself.

After you open the receipt, the person on the receiving end of the scam tells you that it’s a FedEx Express and that it was delivered to your address.

If you have a valid FedEx Express account, you should not be asked to write a receipt or to pay for a delivery.

If the scamster says that the delivery is FedEx Express, you may be charged a $50 delivery fee.

You may not receive a refund for any of the charges mentioned above.

You will be asked if you want to cancel the delivery and receive a full refund, but if you cancel the package, you will have to pay the delivery fee again.

If the scam is delivered to you by FedEx Express or FedEx Ground, you can expect to pay a delivery fee of $75 or $120 depending on the country of delivery.

In most cases, FedEx is not responsible for delivering the package or its contents.

If a scammer tells you it’s FedEx Express you should try to avoid the scam by:Opening the package on your own and avoiding using the FedEx app or phone app.

Avoid writing down the FedEx Express receipt, and check the FedEx delivery information page for the address.

Avoid using a prepaid card.

The person who delivered the package will usually not be able to contact you or give you the confirmation number of the delivery.

When the FedEx driver arrives, the FedEx representative will inform you that a FedEx FedEx Express delivery is on its way.

The representative then gives you a receipt and asks you for a check for the fee you paid.

If that does not work, you need to contact FedEx customer service.

You can get a refund from FedEx by writing to the following number:FedEx Customer ServicePhone: +1-877-438-8477Fax: +2-1-415-8585Email: [email protected] you receive a fraudulent FedEx Express package, call the FedEx Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-447-4000.