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As the company’s popularity grows, so too do complaints.

The company’s customer support has become more difficult to navigate over the past few years and a new version of its website recently went live that does not include customer support.

Santander customers complain about poor customer service on its website.

Photo: Supplied It is the latest in a series of complaints about customer service by customers.

The issues range from customer service errors to service-related costs, which the company says it has to pay for, such as legal fees.

The company said it has always been a customer-first company.

But a recent survey by consumer group Choice found that just 12 per cent of customers thought the company was always doing the right thing.

Choice’s CEO, Simon Smith, said that was partly because the company is not known for its customer service, but also because it is so often overlooked in the media.

“They [the media] are very good at pointing out that it’s not the best thing to be doing,” he said.

Choice said it would not be commenting further.

In the past year, Santander has struggled to meet customer demand for a new mobile app, with a number of customers telling Choice that they did not want to buy the product.

One customer, who asked not to be named, said she had ordered a mobile phone service for her daughter and that her phone was delayed because the customer service agent was “incredibly rude”.

“The problem is that the whole company has a very bad reputation, so people just go elsewhere for services,” she said.

“I think that’s why it’s so difficult to get customers.”

Choice’s survey found that the average customer who was unhappy with their Santander was not a customer at all.

On the other hand, customers who said they would like to upgrade to a new service were more likely to say they would do so.

Another customer, Sarah, said the company would be better off to make its services better and that she would use the service if she had one.

However, she said she would not use it if it were not as good as the original.

This is why I have a new Santander and will upgrade if they do a better service.

Sarah, who is a mother of three from Bendigo, Victoria, said her husband had complained to the company about the phone.

Sarah said she and her husband would have liked to upgrade if it had offered a better phone service, such a feature like FaceTime video calls.

It is not the first time Santander customers have complained about the company.

A recent customer survey by Choice found one in five customers were unhappy with how Santander had handled their complaints about the new mobile phone app.

A customer survey from Choice in 2016 found that customers had been very critical of the service and had given the company negative ratings.

Choice said in that survey, one in three Santander users said they had given their company negative reviews.

Choices survey also found that Santander’s customer service team was less than ideal.

At the end of the day, Choice said that it found the company “to be an excellent company”.

Choice president Peter McGreal said customers should consider a range of options, including purchasing their own device, or a service that would provide the same level of customer support as Santander.

He said Santander would be more likely find new customers if it increased its customer support staff.

There are other companies offering mobile phone plans and apps that offer more customer support than Santander, such.

Apple’s iPhone 5s has a support staff of six people compared to just three on the new phone, according to Choice.

Despite these improvements, Choice’s Choice survey found customers were not happy with the new Santanders support.