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Fox Business hosts Stuart Varney and Maria Bartiromo took on the president on Wednesday, arguing that Trump’s use of Twitter is an example of the president abusing his power.

Varney argued that the president’s use “is an abuse of power” because his Twitter feed “is being used to abuse and intimidate.”

He said Trump’s tweets are being used by “his political opponents to silence the opposition.”

Bartiromo asked if Trump’s tweet about being a “disgrace to the office” is “inappropriate for a president who is being accused of sexual harassment and assault.”

“Is it appropriate for a sitting president to threaten and threaten and intimidate women?”

Bartirom asked.

“Well, you know, it’s not, but it’s certainly not appropriate for this man who is in charge of the Oval Office to threaten, intimidate, intimidate women, Varney said.

Bartiero added, “If he’s in charge, then he is entitled to do that.”

Bertos continued: “I don’t think it’s inappropriate.

If you’re in charge or you’re a leader, you don’t have to threaten women.

“Fox Business co-host Steve Doocy agreed that Trump should not be “using Twitter as a weapon to attack people.””

If you’re using Twitter as your personal weapon, why would you not use it to intimidate?

“Doocy asked.

Bertobova then responded, “Well, that’s the point.

Because he’s been using it to attack women.

“Watch the video below, via Fox Business’:

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