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The 2016 presidential race has been defined by two polarizing candidates, but now, the race is also defined by a Republican candidate who is trying to convince voters that the president is not as bad as his detractors suggest.

Trump’s presidential campaign has been dogged by a series of controversies, from his comments on race to his handling of his son’s death to allegations of sexual misconduct.

He has made many campaign stops in battleground states that have gone blue and has tried to win over undecided voters who were previously undecided.

The New York Times recently reported that former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, who is considering a bid, told the Times’ editorial board that he would not be making a second bid for president.

He said the Republican party has to change and Trump has to go.

Trump on Sunday criticized Bush, calling him “one of the greatest leaders” and “a true believer” in his father’s policies.

But in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Trump again took aim at his former rival, telling him that he was not as “presidential” as he had claimed.

Trump has been the subject of much criticism for his handling or lack thereof of the controversy surrounding his son, who died at age 5 from brain cancer in January.

The president, whose son has since been named a hero by the president, has repeatedly suggested his son was poisoned by the Russians.

Trump is facing criticism for continuing to speak about his son after it was widely known that he had lied about the death of his daughter.

Trump has since issued a series, which he called “lies” but which have not been proven.

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