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Customers have sued Citibanks customer service for overcharging them for the service they receive.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday accuses the bank of not properly supervising its customer service teams.

“Citibanks has engaged in a series of actions and practices that have resulted in an excessive number of complaints and a lack of oversight over its customer services, including, among other things, the inability of its customer support teams to provide customers with the timely assistance they need to resolve problems and recover money owed,” the complaint states.

“The lack of timely customer service has led to the financial detriment of customers, who have lost their savings and property.”

Citigroup also says it has a number of ways it can help its customers.

A Citibans website says that customers can contact customer service at 1-877-CITIBANK.

The bank’s website also has information about its customer care program.

It says the bank’s Customer Service Team provides an “on-call, 24-hour support center for customers who need assistance with a wide variety of consumer and financial issues.”