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The world’s largest online retailer is taking a step toward the future with a new product line,

The company is launching a new business category called Upcycle and hopes to be able to deliver more than 20,000 items per month to customers.

Upcycle will initially ship only in the U.S. and Canada, but hopes to expand its offerings to other countries in the future.

Customers can order a variety of products such as furniture, home furnishings, food and clothing, cosmetics, electronics, home decor, and more.

In order to offer upcycling, the company is offering up to $3,000 for each item, with up to five items per order.

“We’re hoping to have up to 20,00 items on the website in the next couple of months,” Upcyclers marketing manager Sarah Sargent told Business Insider.

When asked what the company’s focus was at this point, Sargents response was vague.

Sargent did say that the goal is to eventually bring in customers from the private sector and to offer discounts.

One of the perks of the service is that Upcycles customers will be able order up to six items per week and they’ll get a $30 credit to use on any new purchases that are made.

It’s the first time the UpcyCLE service has been available to customers outside of the U-S.S.-Canada.

The service has a limited number of orders, so customers have to be online on the same day that they make their order.

There’s no word yet on how many orders Upcylte is able to ship per month.

Upcycycle is looking to expand in the coming months.

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