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The Comcast customer support team was swift to slam CNNMoney’s customer service response.

Comcast sent CNNMoney a formal email on Tuesday that said, “CNNMoney’s article is false and misleading.

CNNMoney has made no such claims.”

In response to CNNMoney asking for clarification on the article, Comcast said, CNNMoney “has no idea what the article is referring to.”

CNNMoney also asked for an explanation, and the company told CNNMoney that it “does not own CNNMoney.”

Comcast’s customer support response did not include any information about CNNMoney being hacked, but did say the article was not written by CNNMoney, and CNNMoney did not respond to CNN Money’s request for comment.

CNN Money reached out to Comcast for comment on the matter.

Comcast has also reached out directly to CNN’s parent company Time Warner Cable for clarification.

In an email, Comcast spokesperson Susan O’Leary said CNNMoney does not have any ownership interest in CNNMoney.

CNN also reached a Comcast representative and a CNNMoney spokesperson for comment, but neither confirmed or denied that CNNMoney was hacked.

CNN reached out via Twitter to Comcast, but has not received a response.

CNN’s Comcast spokesperson told CNN Money that Comcast “never sells its network, its products, or services to anyone.”

The network also sent CNN Money a letter of support, saying it is “extremely disappointed in the article that has been published today.”

Comcast said in its response to the CNNMoney story that CNN has a “zero tolerance policy for false or misleading information.”

“CNN is not a news organization, and it is not our job to make it up,” Comcast said.

Comcast also said that CNN does not own its network and that it did not pay for the article.

“CNN does not sell its network to anyone, and we do not pay anyone to write articles for it,” Comcast added.

“News organizations can write about CNN without paying CNN.”

CNN Money is an award-winning, online media and technology publication, which CNN said is “among the most widely read websites in the world.”

The article on CNNMoney is one of many published by CNN about Comcast, including a story that claimed Comcast could charge customers for unlimited data usage.

Comcast told CNN that it has no such plans and said it “is not a content provider” and does not collect or sell customer data.

CNN declined to comment on whether Comcast has any plans to introduce unlimited data plans to Comcast customers.

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