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Citibanks is looking to become a more frequent customer for its digital currency customers as well as for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The bank said it has partnered with blockchain startup Wayfair to offer more frequent support to customers who are using their Citibans account with cryptocurrency, according to a report by CNBC.

Citibank said it is looking for ways to better connect its customers with its digital currencies and exchange services, including its blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange, to improve its customer service and to provide a better experience.

“With CitibANK, we are looking to build on the foundation of the digital currency ecosystem and enable customers to experience the world of digital currencies as if they are on the bank’s platform, as well,” a Citiban spokesperson said.

The news comes as the bank has been trying to push back against fears that cryptocurrency could become a threat to its business.

Last week, it was reported that bitcoin and other digital currencies are being used to buy counterfeit currency.

Since then, Citibanking has seen some success with digital currencies, including by backing Bitcoin Cash, which recently became the first cryptocurrency to cross the $1,000 mark on the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

In its announcement, Citigroup said that the partnership will enable the bank to offer customers more frequent and accurate customer service.

The announcement came just a day after a group of bankers from Citibann announced a deal to develop and deploy a blockchain-powered trading platform for Citibanked’s digital currency customer service team.

The team, which will be headed by John McAfee, will use the platform to enable customers who use their Citabank account to trade and convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

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