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An Amazon warehouse truck will soon be arriving in the US and Canada, bringing with it Amazon’s “customized gift” program.

The truck, which Amazon describes as “a new delivery service” for Amazon customers, will be arriving on Amazon’s first international delivery service, a partnership with the shipping company Freightliner, which will ship packages with a personal touch.

Freightliner’s delivery service is a big draw for Amazon, which has been struggling to meet its goal of delivering every item in its warehouses in one shipment per day.

While Freightline has a huge number of warehouses in the United Kingdom and Europe, Amazon’s current shipping service is the largest in the world, with the company delivering about 80 percent of its products by truck.

Freighterliner’s service also has some of the best prices and delivery times for Amazon’s most popular items, including the Echo Show smart speaker, the Kindle Fire tablet, the Amazon Fire TV, and the Amazon Echo.

In some cases, Amazon can offer delivery for less than $10, which frees up space in warehouses to focus on other products.

Amazon’s “delivery service” program will be available on Amazon Prime and Fire tablets and Fire TV tablets, Amazon says, as well as the Amazon Dot, which is the company’s smart home hub.

The company says that customers can receive delivery for $20 a month with a one-year trial of its delivery service.

The company has been working with Freightliners on the delivery service for about two years, according to Freightlines spokesperson Mike Karpman, and Amazon has been “very supportive.”

Amazon is using Freightlins’ delivery service to deliver some of its top-selling products.

Amazon will also offer delivery on its Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets.

The Amazon Echo Show, for example, was delivered on Amazon Fire HD tablet, Kindle Fire, and Echo Show.

Freightlining also has the Echo TV streaming box and Echo speakers.

The “deliveries” are expected to arrive by early 2018.

Amazon says it is still working out some details of the delivery plan.

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