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By Evan GartlandThe world’s greatest clothing brand is trying something different: it’s going back to the drawing board.

The brand, which is owned by Italian fashion house Dries Van Noten, is experimenting with a new style of clothing, designed to be wearable, rather than in the closet.

The new style, dubbed the “dress box,” will feature a custom tailored garment that will be worn with a tailored skirt and a matching shirt, the brand announced on Wednesday.

The dress box will be available for preorder this spring.

It will come in two different sizes: the standard size (8.7 inches wide, 1.8 inches tall), and the dress box XL (10.4 inches wide to 6.3 inches tall).

There will be a wide variety of sizes available for the dress boxes, with sizes ranging from 7-13 inches, and each of them will come with matching accessories.

Dries van Noten is planning to launch a larger version of the dressbox in 2019, with a wide range of sizes.

The company has already announced the new style is available for women’s and men’s sizes.

In 2018, Dries created a line of dress boxes with the label Dries Vans, which were popular with fashion bloggers.

Drys Vans’ style was a combination of retro style and modern technology.

The dresses were often worn with tailored shirts, and the pieces were usually worn in an effort to maintain the style of the vintage, but with a modern feel.

A number of Dries’ other brands, including Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani, also used the Dries style.

The designer of the new dress box, Fabio Sotto, was previously a partner at Dries and a partner in the fashion house of LVMH.

The Dries dress box is a new idea for Dries, which has historically had a strong focus on technology.

In 2019, the company is also rolling out a new product line that will allow customers to shop through a smartphone app.

This will be called the Drys Virtual Dressing Box, and it will be launched later this year.

The online shopping experience will allow consumers to find clothes and accessories from a wide array of brands that are now available for purchase online.

It also includes a variety of new designs that include a tailored shirt, tailored skirt, tailored shoes, and a wide assortment of accessories.

The idea of having the customer walk into the store, and find what they want, is something that is unique to Dries.

It’s a new way for the brand to take advantage of technology that is becoming increasingly commonplace in the industry, as consumers increasingly look to shop online.

Dresses that have become more fashionable in the past couple of years, such as dresses with a slim fit and cropped hem, have also found a place in the Dies virtual dressing box.

But the brand is also looking to explore more of its old styles, as it aims to make the clothing even more accessible to new consumers.

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